Two Day Workshop on ELECTRICITY MARKETS + EIDA™ Market Simulator

Strategic thinking

Students will make better informed and less risky decisions under changing market conditions.

Quality instruction

In-depth knowledge of wholesale electricity markets is provided to newcomers in a amount of short time.

Sensitivity analysis

Enhanced scenario-based sensitivity analysis skills are developed.

Experiential learning

We provide hands-on experience in trading electricIty within simulated real-world markets.

Launch the
EIDA™ Simulator

EIDA™ is designed to simulate the purchase and sale of electric energy on an Independent Transmission System Operator (ISO) market. As an energy trader, it is your job to balance your generation with your load by buying and selling electricity on the various markets. The goal, of course, is to minimize costs while maximizing profits.

Our Team

  • Professor Vincenzo Liberatore: Project co-supervisor
  • Professor Mingguo Hong: Project co-supervisor
  • Jianji Lu: Client-side, Server-side, & Database functionality
  • Carlin D.T. Jackson: Software Architecture, Testing, Finance research
  • Zihan Ning: Electrical Systems research, ISO server implementation
  • Ambuj Shrivastava: Marketing research
  • Mrikank Varshney: Marketing research
  • Jiaojiao Chen: Electrical Systems research, Client-side functionality, Testing
  • Jacob Anderson: Server-side functionality
  • Ian Dimayuga: Database functionality and administration
  • Benjamin Best: Quality Assurance
  • Tom Dooner: Client-side implementation (models & logic)
  • Brian Stack: Front-end design (views), Server-side implementation



Attendees gain an intuitive understanding of electricity market operations, clearing and settlement processes.

Cloud Access

Multimodal long-term training with cloud access to our market simulator is provided.

Risk Management

Risk management and energy price forecasting with bidding strategies is foundational to our offering.





Current Poster

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